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First Post

I am excited to begin a new blog. A few of my new year’s resolutions is to write more, take more photos of my family and lose weight.

This is going to be a shorter posts since I’m doing this while both kids are up and I’m also on my iTouch typing with one finger. (V is currently fussing at the breast and she just did a huge #2 – no wonder she was fussing). Z is beside me on the floor busy with the iPad. I love his independence – he just turned 28 months. He is so good with digital devices.
The week has been a challenging one since both kids got sick. They have been coughing and suffering from congestion and rough sleeps at night. It’s worse when Z wakes from a short nap crying and inconsolable for 30 min and wakes V up as well. Then she starts wailing when she hears him wail. It’s chaos, I tell you.




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